Medalist for 20 years and 30 years.

Maximilien, whom everyone in the workshop calls Max', will celebrate his 35th anniversary in 2022. In 1986, he started as a painter alongside Mr. Gaëtan Del Boca. Trained in lead and scaffolding, he carried out restoration and painting work. He has also developed a real mastery of wallpapering techniques. As site manager on the construction site of the Hotel le Lutetia, he has also worked at the George V. With his many years of experience, he trains many young apprentices.


With a professional baccalaureate in cabinetmaking and an apprenticeship with experienced sculptors, Eric has many years of experience in sculpture and modelling. He was able to practice his art on the projects initiated by the Cartier boutiques in Riyadh and Singapore, which are now adorned with exceptional bas-reliefs more than 2 meters high. The Panther overlooks the city or plunges into a lush jungle born under Eric's tools.

Workshop Manager Staffer

A staffer for several years, William has developed skills for creation in the workshop. He has been our workshop manager since March 2018 following the retirement of Philippe, also a staffer. William can boast of large and beautiful projects within Del Boca such as that of the Maison Boucheron, the Gucci Boutique in Brussels and the many Cartier boutiques around the world. In 2022, wishing to surpass himself, he presented himself for the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.



Apprentice Staffer

Ilyess is one of the many apprentices trained by Del Boca. With a 1st year CAP in Staff, he got his first taste in the workshop before going to work on construction sites to learn from his elders.


Don't tell Mathilde that staffing is a man's job, this staffer with a degree in archaeology and art history will show you that. She joined the team at Atelier Louis Del Boca and was able to make a name for herself in the creation of majestic rosettes, elegant cornices and delicate bas-reliefs. You can admire his work in the Cartier boutique in Munich.

Works Supervisor Staff

Graduated One of the Best Apprentices in France and a Brevet des Métiers d'Arts staff & Matériaux associés

Rewarded several times for his know-how in staff, this enthusiast became site manager and then site supervisor but never let his new responsibilities take him away from the workshop. He continues to get his hands dirty at the slightest opportunity. Coordinating Del Boca's major staff projects since 2018, Guy masters with the same precision the know-how of the workshop and the specificities of the technical briefs. Having the confidence of Jacques Garcia, he worked in a monastery in Sicily, participated in the revival of La Samaritaine and dedicates himself fully to the projects entrusted to him by private individuals or major houses such as Boucheron or Hermès.

The workshop

Located in Suresnes, on the outskirts of Paris, this former cabinet-making shop has been transformed into a staff workshop where the journeymen benefit from enough space and light to express their know-how: the volumes have been restructured, the original framework has been preserved, the glass roof restored to capture daylight and the second level created for the design offices and administrative services largely open to the ground floor by an elegant play of transparency. From this mezzanine, the visitor has a general view of the workshop lined with dozens of cornices and columns of all sizes and feels the white powder of the plaster floating.

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